Intralox® DirectDrive

Announcing an Exciting Breakthrough Technology!
Intralox® Spiral Conveyor DirectDrive System.

Coastline is one of 3 OEM’s nationwide licensed to design & manufacture these very unique directdrive spiral belt systems.  In fact we have in operation the largest system in the world, to date!


Here are the specs for the world’s LARGEST DDS SPIRAL! Below are Pictures of the system during installation…

  • 15000 Lb/Hr, System Capacity,
  • Used to Hydro Chilling Hot Filled, Ready To Eat Soups, Sauces and Single Serve Entrees
  • Tiers & Spacing = 23 Tiers @ 10.57” inches Tier Spacing
  • Cage Diameter  = 324” inches, Built in 14 Modular Weldments
  • Belt Diameter  = 432 inches Outside Dia.
  • Belt Circumference = 1357.17” inches OD
  • Overall Belt Length = 2810.19 feet
  • All Stainless Steel Sanitary Constructions

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The latest addition to the Coastline Equipment portfolio of spiral solutions, the Intralox DirectDrive System advances spiral conveyance by eliminating the most common issues related to product migration, tensioning, and sanitation.

This new technology is ideal for applications where product orientation, belt life, and grease/oil buildup are concerns. The patented DirectDrive system eliminates overdrive by directly engaging the belt edge with the drum, allowing the belt to drive independently of drum–belt edge friction. This ensures that the belt operates with zero slip.

Elimination of product orientation issues: DirectDrive minimizes jams, product migration, and complications that affect downstream processes.

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Increased belt life: Virtually eliminates inner edge wear

Greater carrying capacity: Due to the unique, patented design by Intralox, DirectDrive technology can carry heavier product loads

Reduced cleaning costs:
Accumulated food residue on the drum does not impact system performance or efficiency. Sanitation manpower and costs are reduced.

Simplified Controls:
DirectDrive eliminates the need for complicated operating controls and primary motors. Delays and lags during startup are eliminated, as is the need for friction inserts.

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