Intralox® DirectDrive Systems

Coastline Equipment designs, builds, and commissions Intralox DirectDrive Systems that increase throughput and product load capacity, while also providing simplified operation, high sanitation construction, and a significant reduction in tension.


Intralox Spiral Technology

The Intralox® DirectDrive System advances spiral conveyance technology by eliminating the most common issues related to product migration, tensioning, and sanitation. The patented DirectDrive system uses a dual-diameter operating system that eliminates slip by engaging the conveyor belt edge directly with the drum. The result is a significant reduction in tension, simplified operation, and smoother product handling that eliminates the risk of distorted, damaged or lost product. Intralox technology is ideal for applications where product orientation, belt life, sanitation, and grease/oil buildup are concerns. 

Key Benefits

  • Reduces product orientation issues such as skewing, distortion, and misalignment.
  • Improved cleaning and sanitation results
  • Eliminates slip and significantly reduces tension
  • Extended belt life: Virtually eliminates inner edge wear
  • Eliminates the need for complicated operating controls and primary motors.
  • Delays and lags during startup are eliminated, as is the need for friction inserts.
  • Increases throughput and has greater load capacity

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