Fruit & Vegetable Processing Equipment

Coastline Equipment provides specialized solutions for fruit and vegetable processing with a diverse range of equipment for each stage of production.


Integrated Solutions for Maintaining the Freshness, Taste, and Appearance of Fruit and Vegetable Products

Maintain the freshness, taste, appearance, and nutritional value of your fruit and vegetable products with Coastline Equipment’s fruit and vegetable processing equipment. We offer a wide range of processing equipment for every point along the production line, including product dividers, negative air cleaners, debris blowers, and inspection belts. Whether you need a specific machinery or a full fruit or vegetable processing line, Coastline Equipment can provide you a high-quality solution. Explore our popular fruit and vegetable processing equipment below, or contact us to discuss your specific requirements. 

Over 45 years of experience providing high-quality food processing equipment.

Providing high-quality equipment to Food Processors across the globe.

Design, build, and install equipment across every point on the production line.

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