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Coastline Equipment was found in Bellingham, Washington in 1973 by Dave Lunde and a small group of highly skilled metal craftsmen, many of which are still with the company today.

Combining Small Town Values with Quality Craftsmanship to Deliver Dependable Food Processing Equipment

Coastline is an innovative OEM of food processing equipment with a reputation built on quality, value, and dependability. Coastline was founded in Bellingham, Washington in 1973 by Dave Lunde and a small group of highly skilled metal craftsmen, some of which are still at Coastline today.

In the early days, Coastline primarily manufactured aluminum truck canopies and fuel tanks for the marine industry. However, as our reputation for quality aluminum fabrication spread and the demand for seafood increased nationwide, Coastline began to manufacture aluminum tables, totes, and conveyors for regional seafood processors. Additionally, as the seafood industry continued to prosper, the need to automate processing plants became essential. Thus, Coastline was called upon to design and manufacture complete USDA seafood processing and packaging lines, which we continue to provide today.

Since its founding in 1973, Coastline has grown to offering factory automation on both the production and packaging sides for processing plants. We also offer installation services to all segments of the food processing industry. We truly are full service.

Hard Work and Integrity Lead to Prosperity

Once a small job shop, Coastline Equipment has transformed over the years to become a full service Original Equipment Manufacturer with gross sales between $13M and $25M. Additionally, our staff has grown to consist of Sales Engineers, Professional Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, CAD Operators, CNC Machine Operators, Journeymen Fabricators, Mechanical & Electrical Assemblers, Control Programmers, Installers & Startup Technicians.

As our expertise in precision machine design has grown, we have expanded our manufacturing facilities and the number of markets we serve. Our manufacturing facility has expanded to over 45,000 square feet at our present location and is staffed with 45-50 employees. Coastline Equipment continues to have a strong presence in the seafood industry; however, our focus has broadened to include all segments of the food processing industry in North America, as well as other parts of the world, such as South America, Japan, Russia, Finland, China and Scotland.

Coastline Equipment designs, builds, and commissions complete USDA Seafood Processing and Packaging Lines, as well as equipment and lines for the majority, if not all, other segments of the food processing industry. 

Coastline Equipment is staffed to participate in all phases of your project and is committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations for quality, craftsmanship, and service.

A Partner Committed to Your Project Success

Coastline Equipment’s definition of Project Success is when both business partners finish a project on time and are satisfied with the quality of the equipment, craftsmanship, and service provided. Over our 47 years of operations, we have found that the successful completion of a project revolves around a comprehensive analysis of your operation as it applies to our equipment. By analyzing your operations, we are able to gain a complete understanding of the challenges you are faced with and determine the best possible solutions.

As partner to your business, you will find Coastline brings fresh innovative perspective to projects. Together, we will apply our knowledge of factory automation & machine design, along with your knowledge of processing, packaging and distribution, to jointly form a “Scope of Project”, a “Line Layout”, and an “Equipment Specification”, tied to a “Project Budget” by which you can analyze Return on Investment.

Once the project is defined, Coastline is staffed to participate in all phases of your project, including the design, engineering, manufacturing and commissioning of food processing equipment and lines. By choosing Coastline Equipment for your project, you can be confident that your expectations will be met, and your project will be completed successfully and on-time.

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