About Coastline Equipment

Small Town Values & Old World Craftsmanship in Food Processing Equipment

Coastline Equipment, Inc. is an innovative OEM with a reputation built on quality, value, and dependability. We were founded in 1973 in Bellingham, WA by Dave Lunde a Mechanical Engineer with a manufacturing background, and a small group of highly skilled metal craftsmen, many of which are still with the company today. In those early days Coastline manufactured aluminum Truck Canopies and Fuel Tanks for the Marine Industry, but with our reputation for quality aluminum fabrication coupled with the increased demand for seafood nationwide we began to manufacture aluminum tables, totes and conveyors for the regional seafood processors. Naturally as the Seafood Industry prospered there was a need to automate these processing plants. So it was that Coastline was first called on to design and manufacture complete USDA Seafood Processing & Packaging Lines.

All Equipment is now designed & manufactured, for USDA & Higher Standard Processing Operations. Through the 1980’s 1990’s and currently Coastline has grown to where we now have installation in most, if not all, segments of the food processing industries. By offering factory automation on both the production, and packaging sides of these Processing Plants, we truly are full service. Currently we offer these standard product lines.

  • Spiral Chillers & Freezers
  • Ready to Eat Fresh & Frozen Lines
  • Tunnel Freezers & Pasteurizers
  • Seafood Processing Lines
  • Pattern Loaders for Spirals
  • Bakery Handling Equipment
  • Smart Merging & Grouping
  • Meat & Poultry Equipment
  • Fully Integrated Material Handling
  • Fruit & Vegetable Equipment

Hard Work and Integrity Leads to Propsperity

What once was a small job shop has now become a full service Original Equipment Manufacturer, with gross sales between 13,000,000 & 15,000,000, staffed with Sales Engineers, Professional Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, CAD Operators, CNC Machine Operators, Journeymen Fabricators, Mechanical & Electrical Assemblers, Control Programmers, Installers & Startup Technicians. As our expertise in precision machine design grew so too did our manufacturing facilities and markets we serve. Our manufacturing facility has expanded to over 32,000 square feet at our present location and is staffed with 45-50 employees. Coastline Equipment continues to have a strong presence in the seafood industry, but our focus has broadened to include all segments of the food processing industry mostly in North American, but increasingly in other parts of the world… South America, Japan, Russia, Finland, China and Scotland. Here are some of the Industries that we serve.

  • Soups & Sauces, Dips & Puddings
  • Snack Foods & Beverage
  • Seafood & Surimi
  • Fresh & Frozen Entrees
  • Cheese & Dairy
  • Fresh & Frozen Fruits & Vegetables
  • Red Meat & Poultry
  • Bakery & Confectionery


A Partner Committed to Your Project Success

Coastline’s definition of Project Success is when both business partners finish a project on time and satisfied that increased profits are accomplished, which in turn leads to increased future business by both parties. We have found that generally this type of Project Success revolves around a comprehensive analysis of your operation as it applies to our equipment. Possibly you have already documented a project in which case we ask that you consider Coastline as a supplier. If not we ask that you allow Coastline to work closely with your staff to evaluate your unique production or packaging applications. As a Business Partner you will find Coastline brings fresh innovative perspective to projects. Together we will apply our knowledge of factory automation & machine design, along with your knowledge of processing, packaging and distribution, to jointly form a “Scope of Project”, a “Line Layout”, and an “Equipment Specification”, tied to a “Project Budget” by which you can analyze Return on Investment. Once the project is fully defined and funded, we are staffed to  participate in all phases of your Project including Food Processing Equipment Design  /  Engineering  /  Manufacturing and Commissioning. We are sure you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to meet with success when you pick Coastline Equipment as your business partner.

Spiral Beginnings

We first began developing our Spiral Hydro Chilling Systems around 10 years ago, when one of our long time business partners asked if we would help them to develop one to supplement heat reduction prior to a Spiral Freezing Process. It was to be a self contained, above floor, Chiller, using 34 degree (F) water, used on Vacuum Packed Surimi pouches, produced on an Old River Vacuum pouch. The product had just exited a Coastline Film Sterilization Tunnel. The project included infeed conveyors, Spiral down feed, & a hand casing line with a complete process control system, all installed and commissioned by Coastline.

What was once a niche market has become one of our main product lines, along with many other Thermal Processing Systems:

  • Crab Cooker
  • Crab Coolers
  • Crab Brine Freezers
  • Tempering Systems
  • Steam Tunnels
  • Rack Steam Cabinets
  • Immersion Hydro Chillers
  • Multi Pass Combo Cook Chill Tunnels
  • Spiral Freezers
  • Spiral Hydro Chillers
  • Spiral Heat Retention
  • Combo Spiral Cook/Chill Systems
  • Shrink Tunnels
  • Dielectric Ovens
  • Ambient Spiral Coolers
  • Spray, Single & Double Dip Glazers

Of course along with all of these primary processing systems we have fully integrated conveying systems connecting upstream production, and downstream packaging, all controlled from master control cabinets.


Auto Loading Systems

One of Coastline Equipments truly unique integral product lines are our Auto Loading Systems. This complimentary product line is an essential part of any Spiral Chilling or Freezing System. With proper loading of your spiral comes optimum performance, due to increased load densities which lead to maximum through put, reduced product losses and improved automation efficiencies on the packaging side of your operation. Coastline has a wide variety of pre‐engineered Spiral Loaders suitable for most applications. Included in the following pictorial are Single Lane Pattern Loaders, Dual Lane Pattern Loaders, Reciprocating Shuttle Loaders and Mass Flow Loaders. Our Pattern Loaders include smart belts used to produce repeatable groups of product as determined by menu driven programs. These groups are either shuttled across the belt in a reciprocating motion, or run through laneing systems which create uniform row & file patterns on the spiral infeed belt. All loaders are menu driven so with very little change over and a few simple selections on the touch screen you’re up and running with the next product type. These systems are designed specifically for industrial food plant operations and therefore come standard with stainless steel structures and wash down mechanical and electrical systems, easy to clean and maintain. Coastline has a LOADER to fit your production rates and product mix….we special in high speed bag & pouch filling applications!


As plants mature, and additional fillers are added, it is becomes necessary to merge these independent non synchronized filling operations, into one primary lane. Coastline has developed a full line of Smart Merging for these applications. They are available as either over and under (Vertical Merge Systems), or side by side (Horizontal Merge Systems). In either case, one lane is the primary lane the alternate is the secondary lane. Obviously in the case of Vertical Merge Systems the Primary Lane is always the lower lane. Primary lanes take precedence, if two products enter the merge zone simultaneously, in which case the secondary lane using the smart belt slows down the secondary lane or stops the product prior to the merge point, then restarts and delivers it at a midpoint of product pitch on the primary lane.

With Coastlines Singulation Systems, a different approach is used to bring product into single file orientation. With these systems, product could enter either in organized Row & File presentation, or random Mass Flow presentation. Also product can enter the system either inline, or adjacent to the series of parallel belts that make up the system. Product is driven across these parallel belts, either with a static or dynamic plow. The parallel belts progressively run faster, with the discharge belt having the highest belt velocity.


Motor Control Cabinets & HMI’s

Coastline Equipment has a long standing partnership with Process Solutions for our Process Control Systems. They have a great track record as a company of professionals that design, program, build, and integrate industrial automated control systems and UL control panels. Coastline’s engineering staff specifies the parameters of the project, and then work closely with Process Solutions Project Engineering staff & the end user to develop a fully automated process control system that meets each unique application.


Spiral Lowerators and Elevators

Coastline Equipment offers a wide range of Spiral Lowerating and Elevating Systems. These Spirals utilize the same spiral technology as Spiral Hydro Chilling or Freezing Systems, except in most cases are driven by a Stainless Steel Drum versus the Stainless Steel Cage used on large Spirals. These Spirals like our Cooling & Freezing Spirals are direct Driven. Advantages of this technology are:

  • Low Tension
  • Compact Foot Print
  • Suitable for either direct food contact or package handling
  • Simple Design
  • Fewer moving parts
  • Eliminate product degradation, while maintaining orientation
  • Wash Down Duty
  • Belt Widths Starting at 6”
  • Available with Single or Dual Belts and Slave Driven Transfers